Hydrogen storage is not mandatory...
you can produce it on-demand only if necessary

We have produced a powder capable of generating hydrogen from water

Our powders are manufactured by an innovative process capable of producing highly specialized materials.

Our powders are based on aluminum, also in recycled form, and react spontaneously with water to safely and rapidly supply hydrogen.

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How powders are made

Primary aluminum

Our powders are aluminum-based. A materials easy to handle and low-toxic


The powders are produced using a small amount of eco-friendly additives to promote a proper generating of hydrogen.

Alternatives and other materials

Industrial Al waste

Primary aluminum can be replaced with industrial Al scraps to transform the waste in a resource

Non drinking water

The powders work in contact with water (including seawater) or water-based fluids like urine

How the technology works

Simplicity is a value



Remove the powder from its packaging. The material can be supplied in different packages depending on the specific application.



Add water or put the powder in water (preferably non-drinking water). Any liquid is ok as long as it is water-based.



Get your hydrogen and use it as you need... recharge a device, generate electricity or power a machine.

...but it is mandatory in case of emergency!

Our technology allows you to have energy in every situation


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